Why Gypsum

Why Gypsum

Do you know why gypsum is so much popular among generations?
Gypsum can outcome any other building material with its outstanding properties.

Consistency in quality and performance
Non-toxic - 100% natural
Less strain on natural resources
Huge water savings against conventional practices
Very faster construction
Huge space saving
Superior fire resistance
Huge cost saving
Lesser wastage


Like every other story, the story of gypsum also started long long long ago- approximately since 9000BC. Simple, gypsum is one of the oldest known building materials.

Gypsum- Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate, is one of the most commonly found mineral in the earth crust. It can be mined, processed and converted into various forms for using in construction, decorations and agriculture. Based on scientific evidences we present you the history of gypsum and how various civilisations used this magic rock.

9000 BC

Scientists found gypsum usage at Catal- Huyuk, one of the oldest known cities in the world, now in Turkey.

7000BC / 3000BC / 500BC

Gypsum floor screeds at Israel / Egyptian pyramids /
Greek plaster works.

AD 79

Pompeii – city lost in AD 79 by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius- revealed some of the most beautiful plaster works by the Romans.

19th Century

19th century witnessed the beginning of gypsum boards usage in construction.

20th century

After World War 1, there was a rapid increase in the demand for gypsum boards and gypsum-based products in construction.


After World War 2, more innovations happened in gypsum technology to enhance the board properties.

21st century

Now gypsum can be found everywhere in the form of plaster boards, fibrous plaster, plaster mouldings, wall putty, cement, cornices, crockeries, dental products and a lot more.

And the saga continues…